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About Us

Who We Are

A Leader
We are a leading distributor of :
Humidity, Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level, Air Velocity, Calibrator, Controller, Dataloggers, Distance Measurement, Electrical Instruments, Flaw Leak Detectors, , Force, Gas Detector, HMI, Light, Motion Sensor, Panel meters, pH, Photosensor, PLC, Radiosensor, Recorder, Safety Equipment, Sensor, Servodrive, SMART Camera, Sound, Speed, VFD, Vibration a complete range of process control instrumentation serving a wide range of manufacturing sectors of :
Automotive, Cement, Chemical, Dairy, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Infrastucture, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil&Gas, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Pipeline, Plastics, Power, Pulp & Paper, Semiconductor, Steel, Transportation, Water and Wastewater

We believe everything we do should be about improving how we can better serve you, fulfill your needs and be an important part of your future.

Skill & Knowledge

There are no shortcuts, behind every order lies years of skill and knowledge. Behind every sales and support individual a wealth of expertise, technology and innovation.

Defining and fulfilling a higher level of customer service takes time, time we've taken to bring you as much ease of use as we can, and we will continue improving, to serve you better.

Innovative Dependable Solutions

For nearly twenty years we've been building relationships with world-class customers who've come to rely on us for innovative, dependable solutions, helping to manage their Automation Projects.

Our products are assisting organizations around India to maintain and improve control.

Service Reputation

At Sierra Instrumentation & Controls, service is a key strength, we are committed to serving you long after you've purchased the product. We have a reputation for keeping our promises.


Your satisfaction is our goal, when you achieve clarity, understanding and value from your supplier, you win. We work hard to give you that winning experience.

Our aim is to provide the products you trust in a manner that makes your job easier. Our commitment is to satisfy your instrumentation needs with economical, timely and reliable solutions.

We adhere to a high standard of performance and are here to serve you. We take great pride in going the distance to meet your needs, it's what we're all about, every day.

20+ Years of Experience

We have decades of instrumentation experience, we've been providing innovative, high-quality solutions for your applications for over 20 years.

Serving Your Industry

Our products & solutions are assisting organizations in the Automotive, Cement, Chemical, Dairy, FMCG, Food &Beverage, Infrastucture, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil&Gas, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Pipeline, Plastics, Power, Pulp&Paper, Semiconductor, Steel, Transportation, Water and Wastewater industries to improve process efficiency.

We look forward to working with you.

Our Values

Honesty & Integrity

Above all, we are honest and we operate with integrity, we have a duty to ourselves, our customers and our suppliers to be trustworthy, a duty we fulfill with every action we take. We expect this of ourselves and of those we interact with.

Vision & Passion

We partner vision with action to create great results. Vision alone is not enough, action is where the work begins, and for us this entails equal parts originality, effort, passion, competence, accountability and excellence in accomplishment to fulfill great vision.

Results Oriented

Excellent results are what we set out to achieve, and what we work diligently at in everything we do. Accomplishments of excellent, professional results are the building blocks of great things. Expect great results from us.

We are a Team

We count on each other, we support each other and we all focus on performing our respective duties professionally and to the highest standard.

Focus on the Customer

We grade our processes and our results on how well they serve you, we constantly strive to give you the best experiences possible, our focus is on always serving you well.

Doing it Right

Regardless of the effort required, when we set out to accomplish something, we are committed to doing it right, we're simply not done until we deliver our work with excellence.

Mission Statement

To provide quality process control products to all customers in an easily accessible and simple manner so they may , with minimal effort, locate and purchase the products they need.

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