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Calibration Laboratory Thane

NABL Calibration Laboratory Thane



Calibration Services


 Thermal Calibration Services

Thermal Calibration Services
Humidity Calibration Services:  10%RH to 95% RH  | Accuracy : ± 0.8%RH
Temperature Calibration: Range: -40°C to 1200°C | Accuracy :  ± 0.025°C . Black Body Source for IR Temperature upto 500°C
ration Services.

Electro Technical Calibration

Electro Technical Calibration
RTD/Thermocouple/mA/Calibration | Accuracy : 0 to 20 A DC  ± 0.014% ,  0 to 400 ohm ± 0.015% etc.
Multimeter Calibration: upto 6 ½  Digit Multimeters.


Mechanical Calibration Services

Mechanical Calibration Services
Pressure Calibration : Range : -1 to 700 Bar | Accuracy : ± 0.01% FS
Vacuum Calibration : -0.95 to 0 bar | Accuracy ± 0.05%FS
Low Pressure Calibration : 0 to 2000 pa | Accuracy ± 0.1%FS

Onsite Calibration Services

Onsite Calibration Services
Includes Calibration & Validation of Equipment’s & Instruments of Pharma & Chemical Industries. Autoclaves, Sterilizer, Deep Freezers, Storages & Warehousing facility. 
Humidity, Temperature, Pressure & Vacuum


NABL Certificate of Accreditation - Download

Sierra Instrumentation & Controls has set-up a High Precision World Class NABL Accredited Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Calibration Laboratory at Thane - Mumbai to meet Trusted & Timely Calibration needs of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Oil & Gas Manufacturing Industry.

Sierra Calibration Laboratory guarantees the efficiency of your instrument and test equipment and provides full-service lab and on-site services. For accurate and reliable results, we have invested significantly in hi-tech and modern equipment that conform to international standards. Our laboratory calibration services conform to the highest regulatory and audit requirements of various industries, like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage Industry, Aerospace and Transportation, Heavy Industries, Manufacturing Industries, Petrochemicals, etc... Our Calibration services are technically evaluated and approved by Utilities and major clients.
Calibration is the procedure of configuring an equipment, to provide a result within an acceptable range. Equipment’s needs to be calibrated regularly to ensure its performances are accurate & the instruments are precise in functioning. The ultimate goal of calibration is to minimise uncertainty by ensuring the measurement are accurate. Oil & Gas, pharmaceutical & chemical Industry "validation" refers to establishing documented evidence that a process can perform successfully and which meets its pre-determined specifications and quality attributes.
Our Onsite Validation Services include Equipment’s & Instruments:
Deep Freezers
Storages and warehousing facility
Accuracy : High Precision Accurate Masters ±0.025°C for temperature, ±0.025% for Pressure , 8 ½ digit Multimeter  etc. 


Our Competitive Edge :
a. Our laboratories are environmentally controlled, ensuring the correct atmosphere for the precise measurements.
b. Calibrate a wide range of electrical or mechanical instrument and equipment in our centralized facility.
c. Our Laboratory's ultramodern facility is accredited by NABL.
d. Our services are in full compliance with the ISO IEC 17025 Standards.
e. Every measuring instrument calibrated/recalibrated by Sierra Calibration Lab receives a certificate listing the calibration result and uncertainties. Further, the records are maintained for 3 years enabling us to send you periodical reminders.
f. Our trained technicians can: Calibrate instruments ranging from the simplest meter to the most complex multifunction calibrator.
Operational Excellence :
Our focus and commitment to excellence have made us one of the Trusted and leading calibration solutions provider in the region. We attribute our success to the modern techniques, value for money and the quality driven service! In addition, our high-quality calibration laboratory services include documentation to satisfy your industry and regulatory or audit requirements. For accurate and reliable results, we have invested significantly in hi-tech and modern equipment that conform to international standards and are approved and supported by leading manufacturers. The Lab's calibration services conform to the regulatory and audit requirements of your industry! 
Commitment to our clients, We are sincerely looking forward to fulfill your Calibration requirements with Quality, Total Customer Satisfaction, High Client Responsiveness, Efficient Delivery System, Economical Price Range, Ethical Practice & adhering to International standards.



Sierra Instrumentation & Controls is equipped with World Class Master Instruments Purchased from :- 

Fluke | Ametek | Isotech | GE-Druck | Keysight | GE-KAYE | Rense | SI Instruments.




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