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Teledyne Dalsa BVS-1600M-INS , "Mono Camera with Inspect Application Software", Resolution-1600 x 1200 BVS-1600M-INS

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Warranty : 6 months manufacturer warranty


Teledyne Dalsa BVS-1600M-INS , "Mono Camera with Inspect Application Software", Resolution-1600 x 1200, Frame Rate-15 fps, Pixel Size-4.4 µm, Ethernet, RS232(supports PoE),Light Control, Inputs and Outputs, Ethernet communications, Developer and Operator application interfaces

BVS-1600M-INS is a fully integrated smart vision system with Inspect Application Software that provides graphic interface via web browser , easy camera trigger and lighting setup via slider controls, Multiple "Tools" include:Distance, Angle, Circle, Arc, Concentric Circles, Edge Point, Point, Tip, Rake, Pencil, Intensity, Count, Match, Preprocess, 2D Barcode, Barcode, Caliper, Graphics, Verify, OCR, Contour, Thread, Bead, Spring. Administration control and data logging, Emulator for offline application development,supports digital I/O, Serial, Ethernet , Modbus, ProfiNet, and Ethernet/IP communication.

Typical Applications

  • Part positioning, sorting, and counting
  • Product identification and tracking
  • Label presence and placement
  • Date, lot, and product code validation
  • Assembly verification
  • Presence or absence of features
  • High-precision dimensional measurement
  • Color verification
  • Surface scratch and crack detection
  • Error proofing
  • Robot guildance
  • Bead uniformity and integrity verification


Feature Specification
Part Number BVS-1600M-INS
Resolution 1600 x 1200
Max. Frame Rate 15 fps
Pixel Size 4.4 µm
Output Format Ethernet 100-BaseT, RS232 (supports PoE)
Size 44mm x 44mm x 39mm

Feature Highlights

  •  Bayer pattern color sensor
  • Light Control
  • Processing engine — 3 performance options: 1X (BOA), 1.5X (BOA50), 4X (BOA200)
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Factory communications
  • Developer and Operator application interfaces
  • Protective enclosure
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