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Application Of Robotics

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  • TAL Brabo Machine Tending Application
    Model: Robotic Machine Tending Application
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    Introduction to Machine Tending :  Machine tending is majorly used in machine shops. In this process the component are loaded and unloaded from machine to pallets and to and fro. Input components are brought in pallets/conveyor and output/finished components are taken out on pallet/component.

  • TAL Brabo MIG Welding Applications
    Model: Robotic MIG Welding Applications
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    Introduction to MIG Welding : Welding process in which an electric arc forms between a consumable wire electrode and the work piece metal, which heats the work piece metal, causing them to melt, and join.

  • TAL Brabo Press Tending Applications
    Model: Robotic Press Tending Applications
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    Introduction to Press Tending -: Press, the fore-runner to industrial revolution and automation; is a machine tool that forms and changes the shape of a work-piece by the application of pressure at a very fast speed. Press is widely used for forming or punching of the components/metal sheet and utilized by automotive industry for matching their high production volumes Safety is very important in Press machine due to the fast speed of operation.

  • TAL Brabo sealant/gluing Applications
    Model: Robotic Sealant Gluing Application
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    Introduction to Robotic Sealant/Gluing Applications : Sealant/glue is applied on automotive component. In many places this activity is carried out manually where one hand is used to hold the gun and other to actuate the sealant. Gun is moved manually to follow the required profile.

  • TAL Brabo Vision Sorting Application
    Model: Robotic Vision Sorting
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    Introduction to Vision sorting -: Sorting is a tedious and time consuming process where individual items are segregated from mixed input items. Segregation can be done on basis of size, shape color and any other feature which can be visually identifiable.

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