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Autoclave Steam Sterilisation Validation

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  • Autoclave Validation
    Model: Autoclave Validation
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    Autoclave Validation


    > Temperature mapping of Load patterns


    > Measurement of Lethality to prove steam penetration (Lethality of 12 minutes or up to 18 minutes for superkill)

  • Steam Sterilization of Autoclaves
    Model: Steam Sterilization of Autoclave
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    Steam Sterilization of Autoclave

    Steam sterilization is a way of decontaminating manufacturing or laboratory items. This type of sterilization validation can be performed at 121°C . Our sterilization team will:

    > Develop the validation protocol
    > Conduct sterilization testing
    > Compile data and assess results
    > Provide completed reports to meet regulatory requirements
    Your quality assurance teams will have the opportunity to approve the customized protocol we have developed before we begin the testing cyclesWith a proven record of excellence in validation services.
    Sierra can provide reliable sterilization testing to confirm sterility is being achieved. We can help to ensure organizational compliance with industry standards for the sterilizing of reusable process and laboratory items.
    We invite you to request a quote from Sierra on this specialized service today.
  • Steam Sterilizer Validation Services
    Model: Steam Sterilizer Validation Services
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    Steam Sterilizer Validation Services


    Validation confirms that an equipment or a product sterilization process results in sterility ‚ consistently. Processes include reaching and obtaining a minimum temperature of 121° during sterilization; proving lethality of microbial contaminants by obtaining an F° of at least 12 minutes.


    Additionally, Sterility Assurance levels can be calculated to confirm the load patterns designed by the customer meet all of the requirements listed above.


    Sierra develops sterilizer autoclave validation protocols , conducts testing and provides reporting for medical device, pharmaceutical, and biologic companies.


    We have the knowledge and expertise to assist businesses in the validation of steam sterilization, as well as evaluate load patterns and cycles to assist the customer with cycle development.


    We perform validations and revalidations services that address customized needs while working with your schedule and budget.

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