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  • DCS-PLC Control System Integration
    Model: PLC & DCS Systems Integration
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    PLC & DCS Systems Integration



    > Design & Installation PLC/DCS/hybrid controllers Safety PLC

    > 3rd Party Vendor System Integration (OEMs, IT)

    > Process Batch or Continuous, Packaging, & Material Handling

    > Control System Vendor analysis, comparison, & selection

    > Operator training, manuals, and development

    > Project Management

    > Legacy control system migration & support


    DCS - PLC - I/O Control Platforms

    > Rockwell(Allen-Bradley)

    > ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix, Flex, Micro 850

    > Legacy: SLCs, PLC5, RSView32, etc.

    > Factory Talk View Studio

    > Plant Pax Process Automation System

    > Factory Talk Historian

    > Factory Talk Asset Centre

    > Factory Talk Vantage Point


    Control System Integration


    As a system integrator, Sierra is the competent partner for automation in all sectors and at all levels of the automation pyramid.


    Sierra provides field-level, control-level, process and plant-level solutions and complex systems integration solutions.


    As a Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley system integrator, Sierra offers tailor-made and high-performance solutions. For this we use the most modern hardware and software products of market leaders and coordinate closely with the most important manufacturers and their partners.


    In the modernization or replacement of legacy systems, powerful reengineering tools are used to take over data models, building blocks and images from the existing Program & New logic is configured, simulation & testing is performed followed by commissioning.


    PLC System Integration


    PLCs are best applied to a dedicated process that doesn’t change often. 
    Simple architecture and is easier to implement and maintain, reduced hardware and reduced cost, PLCs are fast.
    Response times of one-tenth of a second make the PLC an ideal controller for near real-time actions such as a safety shutdown or firing control.

    DCS (Distributed Control System)


    DCS is used in a plant in which controllers are distributed at different locations and are all connected to a centralized supervisory controller.
    It is found most often in batch and continuous production processes, especially in those that require advanced control measures. In DCS the entire logic and hardware distributes ie; broken into different microprocessors or Functional groups (FGs) for ease in implementation and provide segregation
    DCS is more advanced process control and henceforth is used in complex nature plants like oil and gas, water treatment and chemical processing industries.

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