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  • FMCG and Food & Beverage Unit Operations Automation Experience
    Model: FMCG Automation Services
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    FMCG Automation Services


    FMCG and Food & Beverage Unit Operations Automation Services.


    > Fragrance Plant Automation.
    > Vision Quality Inspection of Bottle Printing OCR/Barcode.

    FMCG Automation Services

    FMCG stands for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. These goods are products that are sold speedily and normally non-durable. The demand for FMCG Industry has enormously increased considerably.


    Automation has created a revolution in the field of FMCG manufacturing over the past two decades; Impact of High Technology, planning & centralized control had been felt strongly in this sector.


    FMCG industry's enormous scale & tremendous speed has increased the scope of automation. Inspection systems play a crucial role in the production processes because both, speed and accuracy are tremendously important in this process. Inspection needs to be carried out for products at various stages of production, without compromising on accuracy.


    FMCG Plant Automation Services

    Sierra Instrumentation & Controls offers the FMCG industry consistent, easy to operate and reasonably priced automated inspection systems that allow multiple inspections with single or multiple camera based inspection devices. These vision based inspection machines allow FMCG manufacturers to detect flaws in the products, the packaging and the information printed on the packaging as well as the labels and barcodes, all at once, without adversely affecting the speed of the production process. 


    FMCG Product Automation involves inspection checking the products against a prototype to verify whether all the features appear precisely same in each and every product on the production line; in other words, to ensure the quality and integrity of the products. Packaging inspection, that is, checking for flaws in the container, bottle, packet, sachet, etc. is carried to avoid a leaky container or a ripped sachet from reaching the end user. Therefore, our visualization based inspection help FMCG manufacturers guard against inappropriate sealing and damages, ensuring that FMCG products are of 100% perfect in quality when they reach the end user.


    Managing the flow of products in and out using automation lets virtual support control of your inventory. Automation keeps your supply chain running smoothly throughout the production, packaging & dispatching process..


    Achieve tremendous benefits with automation:

    Increased Space Utilization and Order Processing Capacities
    Reduced Order processing time
    Increased Process Visibility and Control
    Reduced Dependence on Skilled manpower

    Fragrance Plant Automation

    Fragrance Companies production & quality Improves & increase with controlled Automation. Mechanized controlled by computer planned software’s like the PLC & DCS Systems Integration has developed a particularly good working plant optimization offering insight into the design, operation, control and optimization of production plants.
    Sierra Instrumentation & Controls specializes in installation of sophisticated fragrance and flavor automated dosing systems. Automating your production process reduces the variation and majority of human interaction with your product. This consequently reduces the chance of human error, improving your product quality.
    Making a perfume involves collecting ingredients, extracting oils, blending, aging and quality control. Natural ingredients must have their oils extracted in order to create a perfume. Essential oil extraction can be done several ways: Oils can be obtained through solvent extraction, steam distillation, expression, Enfleurage (a process that squeezes out the oils) or Maceration.

    Perfume Production Process

    Raw Material Pretreatment
    Color Mixing
    Quality Control


    Solvent Extraction:  This method is performed by putting plants into big, rotating drums. The plants are then covered with petroleum ether or benzene. 

    Steam Distillation: With steam distillation, the natural materials are placed in a still. The materials sit in the still until they are extracted. The resulting substance is then passed through tubes, where it is cooled and then liquefied.
    Sierra Instrumentation & Controls is a leading provider of automated valves, sensors and flow components for industrial process control applications specifically designed for the flavor, fragrance, and beauty care industries. For over 20 years Sierra Instrumentation & Controls has provided state of the art automation to a diverse clientele ranging from small equipment manufacturers to large scale production industry.


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