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  • Pharmaceutical Plant Automation
    Model: Pharmaceutical Plant Automation
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    Pharmaceutical Plant Automation


    Pharma API Unit Operations Automation Experience

    > Reactor Automation
    > Single Fluid System Utility Controls
    > API plant Automation
    > Solvent Addition & Tank Farm Management
    > Hydrogenator Plant Automation
    > RVPD, RCVD, ANFD, FBD, VTD Drier Automation
    > Centrifuge, Blender Automation
    > Crystalliser
    > Pilot Plant
    > Solvent Recovery System
    > HVAC/ BMS AHU Control Systems
    > Purified Water/ WFI Generation & Distribution System
    > Warehouse Monitoring
    > OEE & Energy Monitoring.

    Pharmaceutical Process Automation


    Reactor Automation

    Reactor Automation

    Sierra Instrumentation & controls since last 20 and above years has extensive experience of providing automation solutions for different kinds of processes in Chemical and Pharmaceutical plants. Pharmaceutical plant, where the manufacturer produces drugs It is a type of chemical plant, where the manufacturers produce drugs for medication purposes. By automating the operations the company can be sure that all the necessities are met. The operations of a chemical reactor comprise of various delicate processes. It involves pressure, heat and mass and thus very hazardous in production. Reactor Automation operation thus will help to bring higher safety, profitability and efficiency.





    Single Fluid System Utility Controls

    Single Fluid Heat Transfer System is normally connected to a single reactor and it helps in maintaining a constant temperature difference between the reactor mass and fluid temperature, which provides a precise control over heating and cooling rates.

    A single fluid system is most useful in very high temperature reactions, as the reactor mass temperature needs to be brought down slowly to the room temperature, after the reaction. Gradual cooling is feasible only by maintaining a constant temperature difference between the mass and the jacket, which can be precisely done with our Single Fluid System.


    ADVANTAGES OF SINGLE FLUID SYSTEMS: It has low maintenance costs compared to conventional utility systems:

    • No leakage at process area (which helps in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at the plant).
    • No cross contamination of utilities.
    • No steam traps at reactor.
    • Centralized controls
    • Precise temperature controls
    • Easy to maintain.
    • No thermal shocks to reactor.


    API Plant Automation

    API Plant Automation


    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Plant Automation

    The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Industry is the organ by which ingredients are manufactured from raw materials through both chemical and physical means. Regardless of where the active pharmaceutical ingredient is made, companies must adhere to strict safety and quality standards set by the country where it will be used. The current growth in new medical technologies is spurring the demand for APIs worldwide today.




    Solvent Addition & Tank Farm Management

    Solvents are the Important & Costly raw Inputs for Bulk Drug / API Industries, and solvents are very hazardous & highly flammable. The Dispensing of solvents in to reactors requires more Operational Attention, safety and Accountability. The solvent Management starts right from Unloading of the Solvents from Tankers, storage and supply to Blocks and Recovery of Used Solvents and re-use.


    Hydrogenation Plant Automation

    Hydrogenation is used to solidify, preserve or purify many products, raw materials, or ingredients. Ammonia, fuels (hydrocarbons), alcohols, pharmaceuticals, margarine, various polymers and chemicals (hydrogen chloride and hydrogen peroxide) are products treated using a hydrogenation process.


    RVPD, RCVD, ANFD, FBD, VTD Dryer Automation

    • Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer
    • Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer
    • Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers
    • Fluid Bed Dryer
    • Vacuum Tray Dryer Automation


    Pilot Plant

    A pilot plant is a small system a prototype which is operated to find out about the performance of a process before virtually using it on a large industrial scale. The pilot plant is an important system to check hazard detection problems before full-scale production takes place.


    Solvent Recovery System

    Solvent recovery system is a process that takes waste matter and extracts useful solvents and raw materials back out of the process waste stream. They reduce the demand for purchase of new solvents by recovering chemicals that can be reused in production. We have integrated intelligent sensors to prevent spills of chemicals and to stop machines from overflowing & leakages thus increasing the solvent recovery.


    HVAC/ BMS AHU Control Systems

    Flexible AHU Control, Optimized Performance

    An air handling unit (AHU) can only be as good as its weakest link. We ensure via intuitive HVAC controls that the performance and efficiency of your system is optimized to minimize energy use and maximized output. Smart, integrated BMS systems making your facility more productive and efficient. Our Building Management Systems (BMS Systems) let you manage all your HVAC controls in a single integrated system.


    Warehouse Monitoring

    Warehouse Monitoring
    Warehouse used for storage of medicine, chemicals etc. are to be kept under controlled conditions of temperature & humidity. It is required to record and monitor the temperature and humidity to meet regulatory requirements and internal quality assurance procedures. The locations of the sensors of the warehouse monitoring system are decided after conducting a temperature mapping study.






    OEE & Energy Monitoring System


    The OEE (Overall Equipment efficiency) gives us a consistent way to measure the effectiveness of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and other initiatives by providing an overall framework for measuring production efficiency. OEE reduces complex production problems.



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