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Thermocouple Sensors

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  • Thermocouple Sensors
    Model: Thermocouple Sensors
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    Thermocouple Sensors


    Premium Grade Theromocouple Wire


    Sierra offers Autoclave Validation Services with the premium grade thermocouple wire that is designed to minimise leakage of water or steam through standard thermocouple wire.


    The Autobond wire eliminates the outer clear PTFE jacket which is where 90% of moisture creep occurs.


    He Ultra- Premium Autobond wire carries the same accuracy and uniformity specifications as the standard Ultra-Premium wire and comes in 2 diameters, the standard 22 AWG 7- strand wire and the 26 AWG smaller 7 strand wire.


    The Autobond wire can be used for any application and has an approximate temperature range of -200 to +200°C.

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